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Current sports draws

PLEASE NOTE:  All fees are required to be paid before the first days play in term 4 2023.  If there are any issues with this please do not hesistate to contact the Sports Department.


If you are not issued with a volleyball uniform you are to wear full Pe uniform or Pe top with OGHS bike shorts. 

If you are issued with a Volleyball playing top this is to be worn to every game with OGHS bike shorts.  Failure to do so may result in students not being able to play until the correct OGHS uniform is worn.



Volleyball fees for Term 1 2023 - All teams $50.00

Term 4 2023 Y9 & Y10 teams $50.00, Senior Social  teams $30.00, Senior Premier Teams $50.00

START DATES 2023 Term 4

Junior Premier:  13th October - 1st December (no games 24th November)

All other Junior Grades - 13th October - 1st December

Senior Premier Grades: 11th September - 6th November

All other Senior grades:  9th Ocotber - 6th November



Otago Junior Championships: Y9A & B, Y10A & B - 4-5 November 2023

Volleyball New Zealand SISS Junior Champs Y9A & B, Y10A & B: 20-23 November - Venue Dunedin

Senior Seeding tournament for Mainland's (Sen Sirens & Sen B) - 17-18 February 2024 - Dunedin

Mainland Tournament Christchurch (Sen Sirens & Sen B) - 23-25 February 2024

Otago SS Senior Champs (Sen Sirens & Sen B) 2-3 March 2024 - Dunedin

NZ Secondary School Nationals (Sen Sirens) 18-22 March 2024 - Palmerston North




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